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Passive house self build/

Solar P.V. installation

Why install solar p.v.
Up until the begining of this year it was pretty much a no brainer to install solar p.v. on a house, particularly a new build if you could afford the initial outlay as the Governments Feed in Tariff paid good money for power generated regardless of you using it yourself. That all […]

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Fixing roofing felt


Fiberglass balcony and box gutter

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Timber frame wall panels

Ground floor

First floor


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Timber frame arrives on site

The first delivery of the passive timber frame from MBC Timber Frame Ltd arrived this morning from the factory in Ireland. The access to site is quite tight so MBC had arranged to have their truck met by a smaller vehicle and transfer the load a couple of miles away so it would not block […]

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Pouring the insulated raft

Pouring and power floating the raft took a full day with plenty of hanging around waiting for the mix to go off.

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Passive slab foundation

A passive slab foundation is a raft that is fully insulated from contact with the ground below eliminating any thermal bridging. Insulation forms the shuttering for a concrete pour, and layering of the insulation allows a ring beam to be formed around the perimeter and thickening under load bearing internal walls. Reinforcing steel is added […]

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Oversite and drainage

The first set of groundwork contractors job done, leaving a really tidy site ready for the slab crew from MBC Timber Frame and their ‘Passive slab’

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Demolition – the point of no return

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Moving utility connections

Before the house can be demolished all of the utility services (Gas, Electricity, Water) need to be disconnected. Rather than pay for a disconnection and then again for a new connection later I decided to move them to the side of the garage so they would be out of the way. I would then run […]

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Ground bearing test and soil analysis

A requirement of the foundation design for the house is to establish the soil type and bearing capacity of it to allow the structural engineer to design a suitable slab and sub base for it. A small rig was brought to site to undertake a ground bearing test by driving a hole into the ground […]

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