Pouring the insulated raft

Concrete pump pouring slab

Loading the pump

Adjusting the boom to reach the back of the slab

Raking out the concrete

Vibrating poker to help the concrete flow and fill all gaps

Checking  the levels with a laser level

Tamping down concrete

Using a bull float to level the slab

[/fuForming the recessed shower tray

Power floating the slab

Finished raft ready for scaffolding and timber frame

One thought on “Pouring the insulated raft”

  1. HI we are looking at a small scale version of your base, can you tell be what thickness of concrete you put on top of the UFH pepes ? We built a Log House 9 years ago but the base was a concrete slab, UFH insulation on top (with pipes) then a slef levelling screed 60mm thick. We are building a new SIPS house but looking at similar founds to yours but just wondering about thickneses

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