Ground floor

Ground floor wall panels

Crane lifting panels

Fixing steel post

Ground floor wall panels

Fixing base of corner post

Fixing ground steel floor beams

Ground floor steel beams ready to start fixing joists

Floor joists over ground floor panels

Metal web joists over living space

Air tight membrane over joist ends

The guys at MBC started fitting airtight membrane and tape right from the start of the frame erection as this is the only way to get a really airtight house. It is too late to try and block up holes and cranks once the frame as been erected, which is the method used by most builders. Before the joists were fitted an airtight membrane was taped to the top of the ground floor walls and wrapped over the end of the joists to be taped to the inside of the first floor walls.Steel beam junction

One of the critical elements of a passive house is not to have thermal bridging of the insulated layer. All steel work is kept to the inside leaf of the frame, allowing good coverage of insulation around steel and keeping it on the warm side of the build.

First floor

First floor wall panels

Lifting first floor steels


Roof trusses being lifted

Roof trusses being installed

Roof topped out